The algorithm of donated dreams

— Online dream donation ritual & algorithm for DAOstack, by Persona Non Grata (2019) 

This is the online delivery of an immersive & performative experience as part of our very first development of The Laboratory of Donated Dreams & Optimistic Futures. The DAOstack team is an international blockchain-based community exploring decentralized governance & operating systems for collective intelligence. Our project was a DAO-funded idea.

During summer 2019, we imagined, performed, and built a ritual experience that any member in any location could participate in, in order to donate their dream for a better future to a collective pool of visions. Participants would book a session with the oracle, and each session would last for exactly 5 minutes. We also played with the possibility to live-interpret dream donations as tiny installation art pieces created on-the-go. The experience is documented in the film below.  

The dream donations got translated by our algorithm into a collective poem, that lives a life of its own here:

The algorithm exists thanks to The Trope Tank, a lab & studio at MIT, and we have purposed it for storytelling and good.

The algorithm movie (2019)

Screenshots of online donations & documentation of live visual interpretations of dreams being donated.