The Laboratory of Optimistic Futures

— An invitation to co-create ideas about the culture of work in times of perplexity. 

The Lab is an interactive online experience that guides participants to co-create optimistic prototypes about the future on the topics of sustainability, human experience and infrastructure. The outcome will be a series of sociotechnical inventions that will be built and exhibited in the near future.

The Lab uses PERSONA's own mix of speculative design and optimism to ask, What if there was a new virtual city where we went to work? What if instead of seeing quarantine and social distancing as limitations, we saw them as possibilities for new methods and tactics to grow? 

Community members from Mindpark & Open Space Mindpark, the general public of the city of Helsingborg and the Skåne region are encouraged to participate.

Dates: March 31 - May 14

Opening hours: Tuesdays between 12.30-14.00 & Thursdays between 11.30-14.00 (by online appointment only)

How to visit: Book a 15-minute time slot here for your own online session (it’s super easy!)