Speculative Optimism

(Speculative Design x Future Fiction) Optimism

The field of Speculative Optimism exists within our world, we just can't see it. Therefore, we don't know how to interact with it.

In this realm, we work with the fictional and optimistic implications of co-designing liveable futures in response to a world in urgent need of regeneration and care.

We are concerned with people’s ability to shape & create possible futures for themselves that consider all living things and ecosystems.

Speculative Optimism is a universe with our three usual dimensions + two dimensions of time (‘time’ and ‘dreamtime’).

We play Optimism detectives using Time and Dreamtime to investigate other realities. We consider optimism a vital ingredient in overcoming obstacles that seem too large and complex to handle.

Inside this field, we work with arts, technology, storytelling, and installations as partial and intimate collaborations towards optimistic approaches. We facilitate a myriad of multidisciplinary events, exhibitions, and workshops. Our methods are performative, and focus on cross-pollinating knowledge productions with many partners.

Our curatorial structure is a result of the different interests and practices of our team and peers.

“Dreams are powerful. They are repositories of our desire. They can animate the entertainment industry and drive consumption. They can blind people to reality and provide cover for political horror. But they can also inspire us to imagine that things could be radically different than they are today, and then believe we can progress towards that imaginary world”