Jocelyn Ibarra is an artist interested in sociotechnical artifacts, perspective, magic, and code. She works with electronic literature, installations, and performances within the contexts of imagination, decentralized organizations, female narratives, and the human love affair with the Internet.

Sofia Ivarsson is a lighting designer and artist interested in exploring physical phenomena, beauty, space and the future. She works with design, exhibitions, performances, poetry, co-created art and investigations of our connection to nature and ourselves.

Together they have designed a methodology that is described here*.

They work under the identity of “Persona Non Grata”, which gives voice to unrepresented perspectives, overlooked topics, and unheard voices.

Sofia & Jocelyn are based in Scandinavia.

Exhibitions & News:

INTERFACE art exhibition for the Year of the DAOs, Osaka, Japan (2019)
Article by Denise Thwaites & James Simbouras on Medium

Reshaping Work regional event 2019, Barcelona, Spain (2019)

Before Shine for Litteraturrundan, Vollsjö, Sweden (2019)