Persona Non Grata’s Methodology in 5 steps


The cycle of creativity is developed by our all time favourite researcher & thinker Neri Oxman at MIT. It points towards an understanding of all disciplines as entangled, a holistic approach that Persona Non Grata endorses, and as Oxman explains, it can be read in multiple ways- as a clock, a microscope, a compass or a gyroscope.

We tilted the cycle in order to create a map for Persona Non Grata’s main field of operation. While still acknowledging the cycle as a whole, our activities are mainly produced in the realm of arts, but are intertwined with the other disciplines in multiple directions. We embrace the reading of the cycle as a three-dimensional object, where the only fixed location is its center point- thus seeing the center as a focal point for creation.


Our deliveries are the things we create and emanate, which includes, but are not limited to, physical spaces with social functions, rituals, images, installations, stories and experiments. We strive for a circular and non-harmful approach to making, that at all times values the needs of people, planet and all living things.

The methods we bring to projects are first and foremost based in the empathic design thinking, developed primarily by design firm IDEO. The human-centred approach is important to us, since we believe that art should be problem solving, as well as nurturing multidisciplinarity. Design fiction and speculative design are what we inject into the process- in order to explore what might be rather than what is. By challenging our conception of today, we look into ourselves to find the future we want to have, and the means to make it happen.


We aim to create, build and offer experiences that are immersive, optimistic, empathic and complex (those are the corner stones of our practice)- this, we believe, fosters a graspable approach to what affirmative futures might be. We see the future as a shared space, that can be achieved by the sharing of practices, knowledge & understanding, with respect for all things living and ecosystems.

Persona Non Grata, 2019

Oxman, N. (2016). Age of Entanglement. Journal of Design and Science.