We empower people to
feel optimistic about the future.

PERSONA is a speculative design studio working from the Nordics. We combine speculative design with optimism to curate and create participatory experiences for prototyping and experimentation towards better futures.


Our name is a reference to the design process. A persona is a fictional character used to solve design problems. In our method, it’s anyone or everyone going through it; a role or a character that holds actionable answers within.

We are nested inside speculative design, in an area we call Speculative Optimism.

We design interactive spaces where our guests explore the near future and its possibilities. Our experiences are for people and organizations who want to practice their skills in looking ahead of tomorrow.
We develop the field of Speculative Optimism together with our community and clients, to produce tools and outcomes that empower people to feel optimistic and to act optimistically about the future.

During Spring 2020, our focus is on developing the culture of remote work through the lenses of speculative design and optimism. We envision to investigate this culture through the metaphor of “designing and building a new virtual city where to go to work.”